About Us

For generations Teddy Bears have been more than just toys, they have been friends and companions listening to our deepest of secrets and guarding us against the monsters in the dark.  As times have changed and everything has become high tech and disposable the Teddy bear has held on and is still part of the family, often passing from generation to generation whilst the high tech toys eventually head to the recycling centre.

At Moonraker Bears ​we are passionate about continuing the tradition of giving, receiving, and growing up with Teddy Bears.  By combining our passions for bears, environmental matters, and small business we aim to offer Bears which are more than just 'products' and have their own personalities which grow as your relationship with them grows.


Based in the beautiful market town of Devizes our shop and work room welcomes both Teddy Bear Lovers and casual browsers.  Being right at the heart of the historical and magical county of Wiltshire, Devizes is a very short from many sites of historical and scientific interest as well as several areas of outstanding natural beauty.  Some of the places you may like to visit whilst you are in the area are Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow, Several White horses, Old Wardour Castle, to name just a few!


Our shop is all about touching, feeling, and falling in love with the bears and we encourage visitors to pick them up and get to know them.  Though it is worth reminding our younger visitors that bears are not fans of sticky hands so please take care when giving them a hug.  So why not step in to our Edwardian drawing room, take a seat by the fire, and give a bear a hug.